Cristolândia in Curitiba celebrates its first year of service

May 24, 2019

After a year of Cristolândia Curitiba inauguration, Home Missions Board praises God with the Baptists of Paraná for the performance of the project Cristolândia in the city of Curitiba. An initiative that involved the First Baptist Church of Curitiba, the Curitiba Baptist Churches Association, Paranaense Baptist Convention and Home Missions Board. During this time it […]

The desire to be a radical in the amazon

May 20, 2019

While young people all over Brazil are deciding which career to pursue, which course should do to be better prepared for the job market, aiming for a good salary and personal success. There are others who decide to dedicate their life, or at least some time of it, exclusively for the propagation of the Gospel […]

Missionaries use the sport to share the gospel in the outback

May 6, 2019

The Gospel came to the children of São Vicente’s community, about 65km of dirt road from the city of Barreiras (BA), through a sports project coordinated by the missionaries Márcio Levyr and Larissa Oliveira, with the support of radicals Gabriel Lamoso and Rafael Belmon. In addition to sports activities, they visit homes, have worship service, […]

New Smile: a project that open doors

April 22, 2019

The New Smile of the Amazon project works in the riverside communities, taking care of their teeth and health, but more than that, takes care of people presenting to them the transforming and restorative love of Jesus. In the municipality of Tefé we have great challenges, one of these challenges lies in the riverside community […]

From the clothes that caused fear to a uniform that fights for our our nation

March 23, 2019

Fear, today, is a natural feeling of those who walk the streets of the great Brazilian metropolis and come across the Cracolandias. By the roads of Bahia it is no different. How many people passed by Flávio Souza Cunha, apprehensive and fearful, thinking that there was no hope for him? Flavio heard the message of […]

The indigenous people are the focus of missionary training

March 19, 2019

In reference to the Indigenous people day celebrated on April 19, the missionary Pr. Emídio Coura held a training in the Baptist Church in Baia da Traição (PB), that had the objective to show the church members a little more about the indigenous culture. It was a special moment with music competition, typical foods prepared […]